General Photography

photographer in YorkThe photographer in York plays an important role in the lives of individuals. He or she is always approached to help individuals to capture images of their lives. Going by the nature of the work done, then it is essential that the tools being utilized are top notch.

Like every profession, the photographer requires certain tools to be a master at what he or she does. Without these tools, it is close to impossible to achieve the output of the job. As a result of this, we have listed out some of the tools you will require if you decide to go into photography. They are:


Writing a piece on the tools a photographer requires when delving into the trade will not be complete without the mention of the primary tool which is the camera. The camera is one thing that has to be in place for the right images to be taken. The shooting of images can only be done via this tool.

Therefore, if you are venturing into photography, you need to ensure you get a good camera. Now, when talking about good cameras this does not extend to relatively expensive ones. A photographer does not have to be expensive for it to be good.

As long as the camera is one that can shoot images relatively with ease and without any hassle on your part, then you are okay. However, this is not to say that as you begin to make more money in the role you create for yourself, you should not invest in topnotch equipment. Chances are as you grow in wedding photography, you will need to constantly improve on your skill set and having the best camera will help with that.


You cannot possibly expect to continue carrying your camera around as you cover an event. It is quite easy for your arms to get tired, but, there exists a camera strap for this. But, there is also the fact that sometimes, you might need elevation to capture certain images. Having the right elevation is essential to taking the best shot of an image at the right angle. This is where a tripod comes in.

Tripods apart from providing the best elevation are extremely useful when you find yourself in low light settings. It enhances the chances of taking shots of long exposure without having camera shakes interfere with this. Also, whether you choose to shoot in landscape, night, street or portrait, for the photographer in York, the tripod can be a very handy tool to have.


Relying on the inbuilt lens of a camera can reduce your flexibility and can greatly affect the outcome of your images. Therefore, when you have a camera, it is essential that you purchase add on lenses for it. An add on lens improves your chances of increasing your focus and depth of field. It also makes it possible to shoot in different ranges without restricting or hampering the photographer’s preferred style.

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Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HertfordshireAs a wedding photographer Hertfordshire, you spend a lot of time and effort to capture the images of the special day of a couple. From the pre-wedding shoots, to pictures of the couple on their wedding day, to that of their family and friends celebrating with them, then to the post production stage where you edit the pictures and also create an album that will hold the final output. All these stages require dedication, time and effort.

However, the works of a photographer is one that can easily be stolen by others if care is not taken. Although you might be the one exerting effort to ensure the couple gets the images they deserve, you may find that other individuals who have no idea of the effort put into achieving the final results, steal these photographs for their own benefit. Imagine having someone else enjoying the works of your labor without giving consideration or thought to the fact that the original work was not by their hand.

To avoid any situation that will find you contesting or fighting for your images with someone else, there are certain steps to be taken. These steps are explained below:

Watermark it

A watermark is a very good way to ensure that all images taken by you have your personal signature. These signature can be anything from your business name to a personal quirk you like to have included on your images. Photographers are pretty much like artists who use the avenue of cameras to express themselves. Most artists in a bid to have their personal stamp on images, use distinct methods to Mark their work. Photographers would do well to also adopt this strategy. Note that the watermark does not have to be something bogus or eye catching. It can be minute and still serve the purpose of identifying the image as yours for future purposes.

Lock it

Sometimes watermarking an image might not be enough to protect it from those that require it for their own personal use. They can easily crop out the images to block out your watermark or use one trick or the other to make the image ready for their own nefarious purposes. As a result, if you are going to be uploading images unto your own website, ensure that the site is locked.

When talking about a locked website, we do not mean restricting access of visitors. Locking a website can mean preventing any copy and paste of the contents of the site. Once that feature is locked, it will be difficult for anyone to extract the contents of your site.

Copyright it

By law all images taken by you the wedding photographer Hertfordshire Rafe Abrook Photography are his by right. As a result, anyone that wants to make use of it will have to go through you first and the right to make use of the image will be granted for a limited period. Extended use of the image will be subject to your approval and you can also work out if payment for your work will need to be made.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer AndoverHaving a budget is important. For one, it makes sure that there are sufficient funds—not excessive—for every activity. That way, you don’t spend unnecessarily more than you should have spent. Likewise, when hiring a wedding photographer Andover, you should set aside a portion of your entire budget. Good wedding photography is expensive.

Moreover, there are many wedding photographers out there. And no matter what money you set aside, you will always find a photographer willing to shoot for that price. It is a tricky beam to balance because as you know—I guess—inexpensive does not mean better quality.

Here are a few tips to consider when setting a budget for wedding photography.

  1. Consider the Money at Hand

The amount of money you have at hand will determine how much you will spend on your photographer. It is conventional, when setting a budget for wedding photography, to set aside between 10 percent to 15 percent. This is a good start, but don’t stop there; neither should you finalize with those percentage. This way of budgeting, however, works best with tight wedding budgets. If you want extra features you may need to nudge up your budget a notch.

  1. Do Your Research

You should research how much wedding photography typically costs in your Andover, for instance. Wedding photographer Andover is a good place to start your research from. You can also ask a few married friends how much they spent on wedding photography. This will help you figure out the range of money you need to set aside.

  1. Think About How Much Time Will Be Spent

Many photographers factor in how long they estimate to spend at your wedding. You should do the same. Photographers also consider how long it will take them to edit your pictures and create an album if you will be ordering those too. So, in essence, if you want to spend less, ensure that you plan not to engage the wedding photographer for longer hours.

  1. Then the Packages

If you think that your wedding will be so big that there will be a need for another wedding photographer Andover, then start to tap that budget up a bit. If you will require albums or you have a particular design in mind, then you should expect to pay higher for that. For instance, you might want your photographs on a CD.

All these extra things cost more money to obtain and should be put into consideration when setting a budget for your wedding photographer.

  1. Think Beyond

Take a step back and look at everything else if they have been properly budgeted for. You don’t want to reduce the cost of entertainment for sure. Or the cut back on the budget for food. But there will always be things that you can do without. You also should not budget based on your emotions. If you love flowers, for instance, and get sentimental along the way, you might end up with a skewed budget when you appropriate more funds to the florist.

It is not a bad idea—quite the opposite—to reduce the costs of things you want and feed them to things you need. There is a big difference between wanting something and needing it. Wedding photography is a need; arguably one of the most important needs at any wedding.

A budget is not a final stop. It only gives you a range you are comfortable with. Eventually, your budget might rise up to 20% of your wedding expenses. Bear in mind that you might end up spending 10 to 15 percent of your budget, or even less, after holding interviews with potential wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographerEvery photographer has their own style, but within so many ways of shooting for a wedding photography, the documentary is a famous method. A documentary wedding photographer is someone who tends to use, but not restricted to, documentary style in shooting.

It’s a very aesthetic and genuine style, to put it in a way. Documentary style tends to stick to the originality of things, a style that seeks to evoke a very nostalgic feeling in the long-term.


The documentary was originally the method that reporters and documenters used back in the days. Cameras and photographs were methods to capture the history and to document the past. It wasn’t considered art at all, even though they were used to take family pictures as well. But this style was brought by the same photographers who used to shot in battlefields to wedding photography.

Today, this style is no more strict like formal or traditional style was. Instead, it lives up to its name where photographers will find the right position to shoot the party without trying to pose or tell the couple where they should look. It’s a style wants to capture the moment in an authentic way.

Because of that, many photographers use the fly-on-the-wall approach. They try to not interrupt the party in anyway but observes it from strategic viewpoints. To do this, the photographer has to prepare and plan how he’s going to shoot before the actual wedding date.

A professional example of a documentary wedding photographer can be seen at You will see his style in taking pictures. Many of them are not flamboyant, but they really capture precious moments that are lovely for the couple who hired them.


Wedding photographer using this style tend to use the candid and grayscale filter on their pictures. For one, yes, those filters are the accurate ones that picture a documentary. They resemble the style of the 50s where photographers didn’t have the luxury to use colored films to capture images. People were also not used to looking into cameras to have their pictures taken.

These styles are recreated but today, it is to capture a beautiful, happy moment at a wedding. But to make it look as genuine as possible, the photographer proceeds to capture these pictures without making the parents look awkwardly into the camera. Tears were rolling down their faces and they couldn’t stop it but they didn’t feel awkward to do so.

However, that’s not all documentary or a wedding photographer is about. Your job is to capture every single moment in the best way you can. Your clients wouldn’t want to see all their pictures in monochrome colors, so obviously, you need to capture many things in color. And no one said posed pictures are bad!

Sometimes, people love to get crazy and fun when it’s such a special day. Maybe close friends want to do some crazy things with the married couple because it’s such a beautiful day. To be a good documentary wedding photographer is to capture every single moment without a miss, but also flexible in doing so.

Wedding Photography

photographer in YorkWhen considering wedding photography options, an important thing to bear in mind is the fact that your choice of photographer in York will affect how the pictures eventually turn out. So, sometimes, the decision of who to hire can vary between reducing cost and hiring a less than par photographer or spending a bit more than you would like for quality images. But, note that not all photographers base the quality of the service offered on the amount you are prepared to pay however, it pays to be on the safe side.

During the consultation with a wedding photographer, one thing most likely to occur is the photographer presenting you with samples of their previous works. Now, if you are thinking of what you would want your wedding album to look like, the photographer is sure to have templates however, below, we offer you 2 important criteria to look at.


For most wedding album covers, you can find them made from leather, linen or embossed cardboard depending on your preference. If you would like to go for something different from the norm, the photographer can guide you on the best quality materials. However, it is important that you choose a cover with durability at the fore front of your mind.

The photographer captures images on the day of the wedding, does final editing then presents them in a chosen album. The wedding albums most times are made by hand and sometimes covered with film to prevent air and moisture from tampering with it. When observing the samples given to you by the photographer to assess, make sure you ask for things like how long ago did he prepare the album, what preventive measures were taken to ensure the pictures still retain their look in future.

Now, note that your choice of wedding album does not have to be the norm as most photographers prefer creating personalized albums for their clients. Most times, the content found in the album is always laid out in a manner that follows the events of a wedding day. Check out photographer in York to get a look at their portfolio on wedding coverage.


Within the album covers, some photographers may decide to use paper to hold the pictures instead of just film. Like the album cover, the choice of paper can be made by you the client or the photographer depending on the package opted for. Apart from the fact that paper varies in texture and look, some photographers might prefer certain types due to the effect it may provide in the album.

So, if there are different types of paper ho do you know which one you like? Simple, just ask the photographer for samples or visit a craft store to explore your options.

At the end of the day, if you end up being confused about the best choice for you, the photographer in York can provide insight or clarification. But first and foremost you need to know what you want before you can get the photographer to work on it.


baby photosWe often stumble upon photographers who heavily rely on editing tools. They end up don’t take the photography session seriously and simply want to get the pose right. Because Photoshop does all the job. That’s why we have prepared a quick reminder on editing baby photos; when you should and shouldn’t rely on editing.

Editing is important

We’d like our readers to know that editing is still an important part in any kind of photography (unless you’re fulfilling the challenge of doing things with zero editing). It helps to enhance the colors and look of a picture, making it perfect and create a look that we will like even more. In fact, most clients nowadays consider it the norm to hire a photographer that can also edit professionally.

There are also special effects that only editing can achieve. For example, if your client would like to add cute stickers or selected color filters to the picture, editing is the only way to go. However, due to the power of editing, it seems that people are becoming less of a photographer.

Creative photographer

Remember that people hire you as a photographer, not a photo editor. There’s also the fact that there are qualities that only originalities can bring. While professionals can easily spot out if the pictures have tampered, your clients most probably won’t go to such measure to analyze their own pictures. They will also be okay to know that you’ve edited them.

But, there are clients who still appreciate pictures with minimum editing. It is most common when the subject is something that the clients see as very important. Pictures of babies are some quick examples. Parents will not like it to see when the original picture was edited so much that their baby doesn’t look natural in those pictures. It might’ve looked good, but it’s not the baby photos they want.

You can try looking through some pictures at Many of those pictures are not heavily edited and the photographer does not rely on editing tools.

What editing means

Remember that the purpose of editing is not to make the pictures look good. It is a tool to help make the pictures looks better, but the original take has to be good. Editing can help remove small flaws and mistakes that you didn’t notice when you took the picture. For example, you can never hope that all the hair will stay neat and pretty all the time, so you can edit them from your computer.

Sometimes, it can enhance the colors that your camera fails to capture. No matter how good our camera is today, they are not good enough to capture things like our eyes do. Even though you’ve set the lighting to shine as best as possible for your baby photography set, it might not look as good in the frames. You also need to limit the use of flash and unnatural lighting in baby photography.

Baby photos are best when they are taken without much artificial touch in it. What’s more important is that parents are there to observe how you work and would definitely like it more if the pictures of the baby come to them with just enough editing.

Wedding Photography

alternative wedding photographerAmong the many dreams that brides and grooms have about their weddings, you might be one of them that won’t fit in. Does that make you a bad person for wanting a wedding that is just away from the conventional method? No!

How one wants the wedding to proceed is up to the people involved. As long as it’s procession to vow upon unconditional love for each other until death does you apart, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The alternative is probably a word that you want to avoid; we’re sorry for that! But be it not what you like to call it, the fact that you want to do something different doesn’t change. But the hardest of this all is to look for an alternative wedding photographer that also understands you!

What is the difference?

In your journey of looking for a photographer, don’t expect that person to have gone through anything similar. What you’ll need to do first is to explain yourself and help the photographer to imagine how your wedding is going to look like. Explaining your motivations will definitely help, too.

It’s also a wise step to directly confront the photographer and let them think if they can do the job. If they have the confidence and eagerness, they’d say yes. But if they don’t think they’ll have the necessary skills to understand, they won’t risk their career.

Start with someone used to it

While your difference isn’t something that any photographer might have gone through, there are certainly some who are familiar with being in a peculiar environment. Such person is called an alternative wedding photographer. And you’re lucky to know that we have just the right recommendation:

You still have to explain from the start, but you can save yourself from worried expressions and hearing mumbles of the photographer. This photographer has gone through the most ideal to a unique wedding there is. What’s really commendable is that she always loves every each of them, managing to understand that every wedding is so unique, yet always the same in terms of love.

Be confident about your idea!

Many couples get discouraged the moment they knew that they’re not getting enough help for their wedding. It’s mostly because there are people turning off at the idea and convincing the couple to stick to a normal way of getting married.

One thing we need to straighten out here: as long as your wedding does not involve human sacrifice or insults, you’re fine. Being confident about your idea and preference is necessary for yourself! You don’t want to look back and think, “I really wanted to do that.” Now is the time to act on it!

This means that you need early preparations, of course. It will take much more time to find the right place and people to do it. Especially with fewer people having a similar experience to share even on the Internet, you need to take your time and plan step by step. An alternative wedding photographer will also appreciate it if you can come and find her as soon as possible.

But know that being different is a good thing without meaning that doing it like others do a bad thing. It shows that you’re ready to go against the mainstream and stand firm on your beliefs and, of course, love.

Wedding Photography

San Francisco wedding photographerIt’s an important question to be answered to raise the awareness of taking out an insurance for every professional San Francisco wedding photographer. Insurance is a mean of protection that protects one from unfortunate incidents and pays out for any damages that you have to pay. It costs monthly or annual and sometimes, daily if you’re still on trial period.

Don’t think of it as if you’re paying a premium that will never return back if you never claim it. Insurance is also a form of investment that allows you to earn some at the end of it if you wish to withdraw your investment.

Protects from financial losses

You can break or lose your camera due to accidents or theft. You can never guess who comes to the wedding party of your client. Some people just don’t care about the couple’s happiness and will steal your camera whenever you lower your guard. At night, people can sneak in and take whatever they can, like your laptop, camera and other expensive equipment.

Those aren’t cheap. You invested probably more than tens of thousands of dollars in them and you don’t want to lose them to some cheap thieves. Putting them into insurance can help you up to the total cost of those items if bought new. Your business can keep rolling and shouldn’t be halted by such simple unfortunate incidents.

Professional indemnity insurance

Take for example the portfolios on, a professional San Francisco wedding photographer. You’d think that no one would ever sue this person for his professionalism. But the truth is that some people can do such thing. Whether they are really unsatisfied, or that they just want to pull some act to get a compensation.

Either way, you still have to pay the legal fee to the court and that is not cheap. The insurance company is always ready to cover for that. If you especially have never faced such cases, the company is usually happy enough to offer a discount on your premium. It’ll also cover the penalty fee should you be declared lost on the court.

To show professionalism

Anyone knows that if you get serious about something, you want to be sure that nothing can prevent it from going on smoothly. If you want to stay as a professional wedding photographer, an insurance would mean you’re serious enough about the job to pay a few hundred dollars a year. Clients can see from this that you’re a serious photographer.

It doesn’t just apply to clients, but also to wedding venues. Lots of wedding venues prefer to work with photographers that take out insurance. In the case that something from their venue is damaged, the photographers won’t have a problem to replace them as it’s the company that is paying. This is also a good sign back to the client as they don’t have to fuss over looking for another photographer that has an insurance.

Taking out an insurance is similar to holding on a guarantee whenever a San Francisco wedding photographer faces a problem. It protects you and pays you so that your business can keep rolling.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer CambridgeshireThe biggest concern that couples have in choosing a wedding photographer Cambridgeshire is understandably the price. It’s also the bait that many unprofessional photographers use to find clients and sadly, disappoint them after the once in a lifetime event.

Your wedding day isn’t something that is worth the risk of looking for just anybody affordable. We’re going to balance the value of affordability and professionalism and give you a tip to close the gap with your favorite wedding photographer.

Professionals work less

Professional tend to take fewer jobs compared to those that sell their services below average price. This is because these professionals have to concentrate on their current job and make sure that they deliver a great work again. There’s no slacking; each job has to be done seriously and it takes much more time than you imagine.

They do a lot of things for you

They have to consult, work for a full day, edit, design, print the pictures, deliver them to their clients, and handle their own marketing plan. Most professional photographers own their own studio and you know that means they have a lot more going on than just snapping some pretty pictures. Before you think that it has nothing to do with you, think again.

Let’s look at This is the site of a wedding photographer Cambridgeshire, Eternity Hall, and we’ll discuss in short what a professional has to do.

You will never come to them if you’ve never found them on their website or saw their studio on the way to work. They let you consult with them for hours to make sure you have all your concerns addressed for. They also handcraft and design the look of your wedding album to make it personally aesthetic. All of these are aside from the obvious one-day job with you and the editing.

They need to make ends meet

Compare the number of hours and days spent just to make sure your wedding pictures will be something that lasts for decades. They don’t take it as an easy job, but serious about not disappointing you for years to come. That said, they need to eat and supply themselves with the appropriate gears regularly. From the camera to the monthly bills on their computer to edit your pictures, they all cost a bunch.

Talk terms to them!

Most of the time, photographers also try to include extra services into the package to make it looks worth it. However, they are often things that are not directly related to your wedding pictures. If all you need is the picture and a wedding album, ask to have several terms removed from your contract. This may lower the price as well.

If you own a blog or is a celebgram, you can also exchange by asking if promoting their service can help lessen the price. This way, you won’t be trading quality for a cheaper price, but trading equal worth of terms.

As long as it’s something that’s still worth it for your wedding photographer Cambridgeshire, you can be sure that he’s willing to agree and you will still be able to get a more affordable, professional wedding photographer that way.

General Photography

baby photographyYou’ve booked a lifestyle baby photography session? Or perhaps are you still considering it? Don’t worry, because here we’ll help you make the decision and inform you things to expect and to do to make sure it’s all good.

Lifestyle session is done at home. Usually, at the home of the parents and I’d say that this type of pictures tends to mean a lot more than traditional ones (that are done at the studio). Part of it is because the pictures are taken at the place where the baby grows up at. Far in the future, later on, you will understand how the pictures are just going to have a lot more meaning than how it is today.

At home

Because lifestyle session is typically done at your home, that means you will have to do at least a little bit of cleanup before the photographer arrives. Because everything after your delivery is going to be hectic, make sure that the house is clean before your delivery. Ask for your husband’s help with the cleaning during your third trimester.

When you schedule for the day, don’t be shy to ask it to be done at your most comfortable time. Post-delivery can bring a lot of unstable hormones and tire you out. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable enough to have a photography session because, yes, you will be included in the pictures.

Touring the house

Some photographers do this, while others don’t. But if they do, they’d want to make sure that your house has enough natural light for better picture quality. Flash is not a good choice to make for newborn babies because their eyes are still sensitive. is an example of a photographer who wishes to at least know about the layout of your house for lifestyle baby photography. There’s no doubt that this shows your photographer is willing to do more to make sure your pictures will turn out perfect.

The best rooms are those that have window or glass doors that allow light to shine in. Your photographer will be using reflectors at times to prevent shadows from being cast on the baby or you. Photographers usually use the master bedroom, nursery room and living room for the session.

If you want to do outdoor style pictures, that’s also completely fine! As long as it’s not raining or too hot, it’s very doable. Just make sure that your baby is covered enough for the weather.

Be comfortable

Because it’s lifestyle, it’s important that everybody in the pictures looks comfortable. If you are tense about having your pictures taken, don’t worry too much about it. This session is all about family love on the new member of the family. You will also be sitting on the couch you sit on every other day, so chill!

Don’t forget to schedule it when your other children are also available if you have. Everybody that is of direct family members (including your pets!) have to be in the frame. Of course, there’s a need to be careful that your dog is not developing aggressiveness in the presence of the baby.

Wedding Photography

That’s how Asian wedding photography seems to be.

asian wedding photographyThe wedding ceremony and a party of Asians are always rich with traditions. Though, it is still the same wedding that is meant to celebrate the unity of two different individuals vowing to love each other forever and build a prosperous and happy family.
It is not easy to find the right person to do Asian wedding photography for you. Sukhi Chandi ( is a well-known photographer in the UK, who shoots both English and Asian weddings. He knows how the significance of this holy occasion is different to people of the east and he works hard to make sure that his clients will get the best wedding pictures of their life.

Meaning behind the pictures

These are not just documentary pictures that you got married. They are the immortalization of the love both of you promised for each other. Even if memory fades, these pictures will remain for a very long time. The day when families are gathered for the tea ceremony. Everybody was teary-eyed and mothers and fathers give their blessings to their children.
Pre-wedding pictures are then taken, depending if clients want to take some, to be previewed for the guests. Having a separate day to do it gives photographers and clients some days to rest and look all out on their wedding day.

Understanding photographers

Not all photographers can take on Asian wedding photography. There are many differences that photographers have to overcome. Example, wedding occasions are often stretched for 2 to 3 days. That means wedding photographer has to vacant himself during these days to capture all the moments.
It is also important your photographer knows what’s going on in each moment. Every single act has a meaning and they usually have something to do with bringing luck, fertility, and prosperity to the new household. That also means that photographers need to know where they should stand and put their camera on. Some movements are symbolic of warding off unluckiness and these are not really as important as the others that are meant for positive things.

Importance of family members

As opposed to what English and western people think, family members are very important in deciding how the marriage should proceed. They have a say from who their children should marry to when and how it shall proceed. However, the custom has been changing and parents today do not decide, but still play a big influence.
Thus, it is also important that photographers appreciate suggestions and requests of parents. It also becomes important to learn how to connect with the older generation. Clients who are not used to dealing with non-Asian wedding photographers will also have to understand that these people are not well-informed about this.

Constant learning and exploration

There are a lot of interesting things in Asian wedding ceremonies and photographers need to be able to keep up with the new culture. It may not be easy and may not even make any sense, but eventually, there’ll be an understanding and just maybe, these things might not be as superstitious as some think they are.

General Photography

headshot photographySo, people think that headshots are all about taking pictures of the face. It’s not really different from a selfie, especially since we have smartphones with 16 MP front camera. It’s good enough to capture all the features and even the skin tone perfectly.

Is becoming a Chicago headshot photographer that hard?

Not everybody is photogenic

If you go to Google images and type headshots, you’ll see lots of pictures of people posing and expressing just the right face. They look awesome in all of those, and you thought, “If they can do it, I can do it, too.”

That’s the right determination but based on simplified reality. The fact is that when you open this business, you’ll see lots of people come and tell you that standing in front of the camera is the next thing they hate.

This requires you to be able to not just capture headshots, but also guide your clients to show the right expression.

What they should wear

Bring at least two to three different outfits of their favorite colors. Mind that this outfit should be casual/formal, and not party-themed. Plain colors with simple patterns are the best as they don’t distract people’s attention from your face.

They don’t have to buy new clothes, but these outfits do have to look clean, neat, and ironed. Appearing best in your pictures is one of the best ways to appeal to people that haven’t met you.

Choose the location

Depending on the type of headshot or portraits, the session can be done in a studio or outdoor. Typical headshots that are taken in a studio can be seen here: The difference between the two of them is obviously the backdrop. You’ll get more colorful, natural background for your headshot if you shoot outside.

Studio session usually uses plain background but will bring out the characteristic of the subject better. Because the attention of people is brought to the face and the only person in the picture.

Guide them

It’s important that you learn to lead clients to face in a certain way and smile just enough to get a nice headshot. To do this, you will need to talk constantly during the photography, which means it’ll get super awkward if you’ve never met each other. Somehow, suddenly, one guy tells you to look that way, smile like this, and think about things. Yea, you paid for that, but it’s still awkward.

So, before the session, chat a little and talk about basic things, like what do they do, where did they study, and how do they feel about themselves. Simple things like this will help you in bringing the best out of them in terms of expression.

90mm lens

Your shots will be done in a close range where you have to focus on your client and will typically blur the background. There’s should not be even a little blur on your subject’s face, so 90mm and above lenses are the most recommended option you should get.

End with positive experience

One of the reasons that anyone would ever recommend you is that they felt good working with you. It’s part of the business; we prefer to work with people that we like, understands us, and does not annoy us. Although there are people that might be performing better than you as a Chicago headshot photographer, showing enthusiasm and providing better service as a better person will definitely work.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HertfordshireWorking as a photographer makes you realize how amazing and precious light is. Without it, none of this is possible, people won’t see anything and the world becomes dark. For a photographer, it will decide how hard the day will be.

The reception room is one of the hardest part working as a wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Even if you bring flash and speedlight with you, the issue isn’t solved just like that. There are factors like positioning, dark shadows, black holes and disturbance to the other guests that you need to consider.

Get into the room ASAP

As soon as you’re done with the ceremony and posed pictures, get into the reception room before it gets dark. Position your lighting accordingly.

Now, here no one will be able to tell you where and how you should put your second light at. It wildly depends on how your clients decorated the room and how dark it’s going to be.

Take the chance to know the layout of the room. You should know how and where you should stand to get your shot. Once the room gets dark, it’ll be harder to move around.

There is one principle you can use, and that is to put it diagonally behind the couple. This will help increase background’s brightness and allow light to fill in the image.

Long vs Short shutter

They’re both useful, so the best way is to have two cameras ready. One with long and one with short.

Use 1/20 or 1/25 when your subjects are sitting or relaxing. This allows light to fill in the image equally around. But do note that this does not increase exposure to your images.

Short shutter is good if you need to capture fast movements and moments that only last for a short time, such as people on the dancing floor, laughing grandpa, dark pictures without lights.

Light diffuser

A must have. In dark rooms, flash can be disturbing and even dangerous to some. Use light diffuser is you are close to your subjects. Use it when your second light is far away.

You should take it off if you are positioned far enough that your light diffuser prevents you to light your subject.

Practice a lot

Don’t practice when you’re on the job. When you’re working, make sure that you are using methods that you’ve practiced or familiar with. Don’t compromise quality for a little learning.

Practice a lot at home and in dark places at night. Try achieving images that you like and see what works.

All methods mentioned aren’t the right way to do things, although they work for some people. Find out what works for you!

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