Wedding Photography

San Francisco wedding photographerIt’s an important question to be answered to raise the awareness of taking out an insurance for every professional San Francisco wedding photographer. Insurance is a mean of protection that protects one from unfortunate incidents and pays out for any damages that you have to pay. It costs monthly or annual and sometimes, daily if you’re still on trial period.

Don’t think of it as if you’re paying a premium that will never return back if you never claim it. Insurance is also a form of investment that allows you to earn some at the end of it if you wish to withdraw your investment.

Protects from financial losses

You can break or lose your camera due to accidents or theft. You can never guess who comes to the wedding party of your client. Some people just don’t care about the couple’s happiness and will steal your camera whenever you lower your guard. At night, people can sneak in and take whatever they can, like your laptop, camera and other expensive equipment.

Those aren’t cheap. You invested probably more than tens of thousands of dollars in them and you don’t want to lose them to some cheap thieves. Putting them into insurance can help you up to the total cost of those items if bought new. Your business can keep rolling and shouldn’t be halted by such simple unfortunate incidents.

Professional indemnity insurance

Take for example the portfolios on, a professional San Francisco wedding photographer. You’d think that no one would ever sue this person for his professionalism. But the truth is that some people can do such thing. Whether they are really unsatisfied, or that they just want to pull some act to get a compensation.

Either way, you still have to pay the legal fee to the court and that is not cheap. The insurance company is always ready to cover for that. If you especially have never faced such cases, the company is usually happy enough to offer a discount on your premium. It’ll also cover the penalty fee should you be declared lost on the court.

To show professionalism

Anyone knows that if you get serious about something, you want to be sure that nothing can prevent it from going on smoothly. If you want to stay as a professional wedding photographer, an insurance would mean you’re serious enough about the job to pay a few hundred dollars a year. Clients can see from this that you’re a serious photographer.

It doesn’t just apply to clients, but also to wedding venues. Lots of wedding venues prefer to work with photographers that take out insurance. In the case that something from their venue is damaged, the photographers won’t have a problem to replace them as it’s the company that is paying. This is also a good sign back to the client as they don’t have to fuss over looking for another photographer that has an insurance.

Taking out an insurance is similar to holding on a guarantee whenever a San Francisco wedding photographer faces a problem. It protects you and pays you so that your business can keep rolling.