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How To Achieve a Successful Guestbook With Your Photo Booth Hire – checked

One of the best things you can hope to achieve from your photo booth is a guestbook. Why? Just imagine having enjoyed a day or night of celebrations and events and at the end of it all, the booth assistant hands you a guestbook complete with shots of all activities that occurred in the photo booth while you were busy entertaining guests. You can easily flip through this guestbook at your own convenience which can be very satisfying.

Guest book

Even if a photo booth in Newcastle was something you never considered, just for the sole purpose of having a guest book, then you should. The best events that a guestbook can successfully cover include but are not restricted to birthday parties, wedding celebrations and civil ceremonies. Everyone that makes use of the photo booth gets to not only attach their respective pictures but to also include a message alongside it expressing their thanks or wishes to the host.

Another benefit to gain from the option of a photo booth in Newcastle is that most times during the course of an event, a guestbook that makes a circuit round guests can either get damaged or lost. The worst thing to happen could be guest forget about it and you find that there are no messages or pictures included. To avoid having a scenario like the aforementioned, it would be better to make use of a photo booth as it is one of the surest ways to achieve a great guestbook. A photo booth butler would make sure that your guests make use of it as well as ensure that its condition is not worse for wear when it is eventually handed over to you.

Booth assistants

With the booth assistants doing their best to ensure that you get your guestbook, you should also be willing to do your own part and ensure that the end results are what you want by:

  • Do not be generic about the guestbook instead strive to place a personal touch on it by customizing it. You can decide to include photographic prints that have been customized, insert the day and date of the event and even include a “thank you” message.
  • You should also have a say in the color of the pictures taken in the photo booth. If you have a theme going on in your event, then your guestbook should be included in that theme. You can decide to go for the neutral tones of black and white or go for full on color. The color choices have their own benefits with black and white for sophistication as they provide a bit of retro / vintage glam while full color for modern touches that denote fun and vibrancy.
  • The option of having your guests look the way they are while taking the pictures or including props in the photo booth is also something you have to decide upon.
  • Background featured in the picture should also be considered among other things.