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All About Lifestyle Baby Photography

baby photographyYou’ve booked a lifestyle baby photography session? Or perhaps are you still considering it? Don’t worry, because here we’ll help you make the decision and inform you things to expect and to do to make sure it’s all good.

Lifestyle session is done at home. Usually, at the home of the parents and I’d say that this type of pictures tends to mean a lot more than traditional ones (that are done at the studio). Part of it is because the pictures are taken at the place where the baby grows up at. Far in the future, later on, you will understand how the pictures are just going to have a lot more meaning than how it is today.

At home

Because lifestyle session is typically done at your home, that means you will have to do at least a little bit of cleanup before the photographer arrives. Because everything after your delivery is going to be hectic, make sure that the house is clean before your delivery. Ask for your husband’s help with the cleaning during your third trimester.

When you schedule for the day, don’t be shy to ask it to be done at your most comfortable time. Post-delivery can bring a lot of unstable hormones and tire you out. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable enough to have a photography session because, yes, you will be included in the pictures.

Touring the house

Some photographers do this, while others don’t. But if they do, they’d want to make sure that your house has enough natural light for better picture quality. Flash is not a good choice to make for newborn babies because their eyes are still sensitive. is an example of a photographer who wishes to at least know about the layout of your house for lifestyle baby photography. There’s no doubt that this shows your photographer is willing to do more to make sure your pictures will turn out perfect.

The best rooms are those that have window or glass doors that allow light to shine in. Your photographer will be using reflectors at times to prevent shadows from being cast on the baby or you. Photographers usually use the master bedroom, nursery room and living room for the session.

If you want to do outdoor style pictures, that’s also completely fine! As long as it’s not raining or too hot, it’s very doable. Just make sure that your baby is covered enough for the weather.

Be comfortable

Because it’s lifestyle, it’s important that everybody in the pictures looks comfortable. If you are tense about having your pictures taken, don’t worry too much about it. This session is all about family love on the new member of the family. You will also be sitting on the couch you sit on every other day, so chill!

Don’t forget to schedule it when your other children are also available if you have. Everybody that is of direct family members (including your pets!) have to be in the frame. Of course, there’s a need to be careful that your dog is not developing aggressiveness in the presence of the baby.