Wedding Photography

Should I Book a Professional York Wedding Photographer for My Big Day?

wedding photographer YorkThe question of professional wedding photography or DIY wedding photographer is something most couples consider as their wedding day approaches. Although making use of DIY significantly reduces wedding costs, it also has the demerit of depriving you of the chance to capture the memories of the special day in the best way possible. So if you are still pondering if you ought to go the route of a York wedding photographer, then the answer is yes and the following are justifications for why:

The opportunity to execute different photography styles

The good thing about the York wedding photographer is that they are familiar with different genres and styles which can help in creating the perfect album. This is better than relying on friends to capture the ideal moment in the best way. If black and white pictures or reportage wedding photography are what you fancy, then it is right up the alley of a professional but for an amateur this can be difficult. If the services of an expert are not contracted, it would be difficult to get the type of shots you need and you might find this regretful. Check out examples of different styles by a wedding photographer York at

Photography is more than clicking pictures

Owning a quality camera does not make you an expert in the art of photography it just means you have the right equipment. The professional photographers spend hours on end training and constantly refining their skills. Beautiful pictures do not rely on equipment alone but also on creativity and precision of the person handling the camera. Most professional photographers disregard the automatic settings of the camera and go with their instincts to achieve different results in pictures.

It is not Expensive

Looking at it from the point of view of cost, it can be said that no good thing can be easily achieved as you have to work towards it. Getting professional wedding photography involves having a professional present at all times documenting the activities with the final output being a large number of pictures beautifully done. If price is a sore spot for you, then there are several professionals in the field that are ready to dialog about mutually beneficial alternatives.

Did you just say emergency?

If you entrusted the photography of your wedding to a close friend and unfortunately, the friend has a commitment or falls ill on the day of your wedding, what will you do? If you find yourself faced with technical problems or damaged equipment on the day of the wedding, what would you do? All these are scenarios you ought to consider before scrapping the idea of a professional wedding photographer. Most professional photographers have been in scenarios where unprecedented emergencies cropped up and they had to rely on a back-up plan to make sure the photographs of the day did not get affected. If bad weather was a hindering factor for your DIY pictures, you can definitely be sure that a professional photographer would not have a problem with that.