Wedding Videography

It is different from wedding photography.

weddign videoIf you have more or less included a wedding videos Yorkshire package in your list of services as a professional wedding photographer and it is your first time to cover an event with an add on for wedding videos, you need to take note ahead of time that this is something that is completely different from what you are quite used to doing. If this is something that you have never done so before, by all means, do yourself a favor and be fair to clients by not doing it at all. As a matter of fact, don’t offer out the service in the first place if you don’t have enough background and technical knowledge on how it is done. The added income is attractive, there really is no doubt about it but when it all comes down to it, you should be able to deliver on your end of the bargain as well. Get some kind of training for you to be able to pull this off and try to practice as much as you possibly can ahead of time as well.

Make sure that you are able to maintain a good line of communication with the bride and groom.

You need to figure out what their expectations are out of the wedding videos Yorkshire service so that you will be able to find a way to deliver it at some point or so. Take the time to really sit down and discuss things with them. Be honest with your clients when it comes to the things that you can and you can’t do. You have to keep in mind that when it all comes down to it, it’s not always about the money. You also have your reputation and other future possible dealings on the line on this one deal so you might as well make sure that it is something that you will be able to do right at some point or so. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to in order for you to really have a better understanding of what your clients would like to get and what they are expecting out of the wedding videos Yorkshire service that you are trying to provide. This way, you are able to make sure that there will be no misunderstandings whatsoever in the future.

Stay fast and carry light

Make it a point to stay fast and to carry light gear on your body during the moments when you are trying to go ahead and shoot the wedding videos Yorkshire that you are trying to provide out to your clients. If you have any other accessories that run the risk of weighing you down and they are stuff that you don’t necessarily need right at this very moment, then feel free to put them down and set them aside in a corner somewhere. You might end up hurting your back or something similar to that if you insist on carrying everything along with you wherever you may go. Learn how to choose your equipment as much as possible and stick to the basic necessities.