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How a Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire Can Protect Their Image

wedding photographer HertfordshireAs a wedding photographer Hertfordshire, you spend a lot of time and effort to capture the images of the special day of a couple. From the pre-wedding shoots, to pictures of the couple on their wedding day, to that of their family and friends celebrating with them, then to the post production stage where you edit the pictures and also create an album that will hold the final output. All these stages require dedication, time and effort.

However, the works of a photographer is one that can easily be stolen by others if care is not taken. Although you might be the one exerting effort to ensure the couple gets the images they deserve, you may find that other individuals who have no idea of the effort put into achieving the final results, steal these photographs for their own benefit. Imagine having someone else enjoying the works of your labor without giving consideration or thought to the fact that the original work was not by their hand.

To avoid any situation that will find you contesting or fighting for your images with someone else, there are certain steps to be taken. These steps are explained below:

Watermark it

A watermark is a very good way to ensure that all images taken by you have your personal signature. These signature can be anything from your business name to a personal quirk you like to have included on your images. Photographers are pretty much like artists who use the avenue of cameras to express themselves. Most artists in a bid to have their personal stamp on images, use distinct methods to Mark their work. Photographers would do well to also adopt this strategy. Note that the watermark does not have to be something bogus or eye catching. It can be minute and still serve the purpose of identifying the image as yours for future purposes.

Lock it

Sometimes watermarking an image might not be enough to protect it from those that require it for their own personal use. They can easily crop out the images to block out your watermark or use one trick or the other to make the image ready for their own nefarious purposes. As a result, if you are going to be uploading images unto your own website, ensure that the site is locked.

When talking about a locked website, we do not mean restricting access of visitors. Locking a website can mean preventing any copy and paste of the contents of the site. Once that feature is locked, it will be difficult for anyone to extract the contents of your site.

Copyright it

By law all images taken by you the wedding photographer Hertfordshire Rafe Abrook Photography are his by right. As a result, anyone that wants to make use of it will have to go through you first and the right to make use of the image will be granted for a limited period. Extended use of the image will be subject to your approval and you can also work out if payment for your work will need to be made.