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Professional Documentary Wedding Photographer: Definition

documentary wedding photographerEvery photographer has their own style, but within so many ways of shooting for a wedding photography, the documentary is a famous method. A documentary wedding photographer is someone who tends to use, but not restricted to, documentary style in shooting.

It’s a very aesthetic and genuine style, to put it in a way. Documentary style tends to stick to the originality of things, a style that seeks to evoke a very nostalgic feeling in the long-term.


The documentary was originally the method that reporters and documenters used back in the days. Cameras and photographs were methods to capture the history and to document the past. It wasn’t considered art at all, even though they were used to take family pictures as well. But this style was brought by the same photographers who used to shot in battlefields to wedding photography.

Today, this style is no more strict like formal or traditional style was. Instead, it lives up to its name where photographers will find the right position to shoot the party without trying to pose or tell the couple where they should look. It’s a style wants to capture the moment in an authentic way.

Because of that, many photographers use the fly-on-the-wall approach. They try to not interrupt the party in anyway but observes it from strategic viewpoints. To do this, the photographer has to prepare and plan how he’s going to shoot before the actual wedding date.

A professional example of a documentary wedding photographer can be seen at You will see his style in taking pictures. Many of them are not flamboyant, but they really capture precious moments that are lovely for the couple who hired them.


Wedding photographer using this style tend to use the candid and grayscale filter on their pictures. For one, yes, those filters are the accurate ones that picture a documentary. They resemble the style of the 50s where photographers didn’t have the luxury to use colored films to capture images. People were also not used to looking into cameras to have their pictures taken.

These styles are recreated but today, it is to capture a beautiful, happy moment at a wedding. But to make it look as genuine as possible, the photographer proceeds to capture these pictures without making the parents look awkwardly into the camera. Tears were rolling down their faces and they couldn’t stop it but they didn’t feel awkward to do so.

However, that’s not all documentary or a wedding photographer is about. Your job is to capture every single moment in the best way you can. Your clients wouldn’t want to see all their pictures in monochrome colors, so obviously, you need to capture many things in color. And no one said posed pictures are bad!

Sometimes, people love to get crazy and fun when it’s such a special day. Maybe close friends want to do some crazy things with the married couple because it’s such a beautiful day. To be a good documentary wedding photographer is to capture every single moment without a miss, but also flexible in doing so.