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How to Start a Photo Booth Hire Business Without Breaking into a Bank

photo booth hireDating back to decades ago, photo booths have become increasingly popular, and as popular as they are they have also proven to be a very profitable venture. However, on very regular question that is often asked by many is “how do I start up a photo booth hire business?” the truth is that it is not as difficult as you may think, as a matter of fact, with the right amount of cash, little expertise, and some passion, you can turn this into a goldmine for you.

It is certainly no news that photo booth hire services can cost up to 100 dollars an hour which would certainly be a great boost to any failing finance, however, there are certain tips that may come in handy for you as you begin the journey to becoming a photo booth man. The first thing you must consider before opening one is the aspect of equipment

Get the necessary equipment and tools

In this business, the use of certain tools is a non-negotiable part of whatever success story you hope to build, for this business, there is certain equipment which must be ready when you decide to kick, a few of the would be discussed down below:

The booth: go for a booth that is easy to manipulate and dismantle, also look out for one that people can vouch for. Looking for such a booth shouldn’t be much of a big deal at all as there are sellers willing to give you the best deal money can buy. In summary, look for a booth you can easily couple and disassemble

Camera: you may not need anything out of this world to get the job done; you just need something like a middle-level DSLR. It is also quite advisable to go for a camera that combines both video and audio functions.

AC Adapter: you certainly want to have a constant flow of power in your booth, this component helps you to have your camera plugged directly into a power source hence you don’t have to bother about the possibility of your process being terminated due to the power outage in the middle of something.

Get a laptop: a simple laptop would suffice in this regard as you are not trying to write out codes, all you need to look out for is a laptop that has enough space, and RAM so as to both store your work and make the processing of same a lot faster.

Printer: you certainly need a printer to get all those beautiful wedding photographs printed out all you need to your photo booth hire services is a functional printer that can meet the demands of your customers.

Software: there are certain software that is specifically designed to make your work easier and faster, get a software that has touch screen capability and effectively functions


After getting all this and others, it certainly is now time to market your newly established business, you can do this by advertising on social media which is cheaper and faster and also has a wider reach, you could also check out several offline options to market your phone booth hire services, you could also go ahead and build your own website.


you certainly need a car to be able to move your stuff around, hence you would certainly need an SUV or a large vehicle that can easily accommodate your tools without damaging them.

Having done all these, you are set to start storming weddings and events to harvest the cash that a photo booth hire service has to offer.