baby photosWe often stumble upon photographers who heavily rely on editing tools. They end up don’t take the photography session seriously and simply want to get the pose right. Because Photoshop does all the job. That’s why we have prepared a quick reminder on editing baby photos; when you should and shouldn’t rely on editing.

Editing is important

We’d like our readers to know that editing is still an important part in any kind of photography (unless you’re fulfilling the challenge of doing things with zero editing). It helps to enhance the colors and look of a picture, making it perfect and create a look that we will like even more. In fact, most clients nowadays consider it the norm to hire a photographer that can also edit professionally.

There are also special effects that only editing can achieve. For example, if your client would like to add cute stickers or selected color filters to the picture, editing is the only way to go. However, due to the power of editing, it seems that people are becoming less of a photographer.

Creative photographer

Remember that people hire you as a photographer, not a photo editor. There’s also the fact that there are qualities that only originalities can bring. While professionals can easily spot out if the pictures have tampered, your clients most probably won’t go to such measure to analyze their own pictures. They will also be okay to know that you’ve edited them.

But, there are clients who still appreciate pictures with minimum editing. It is most common when the subject is something that the clients see as very important. Pictures of babies are some quick examples. Parents will not like it to see when the original picture was edited so much that their baby doesn’t look natural in those pictures. It might’ve looked good, but it’s not the baby photos they want.

You can try looking through some pictures at Many of those pictures are not heavily edited and the photographer does not rely on editing tools.

What editing means

Remember that the purpose of editing is not to make the pictures look good. It is a tool to help make the pictures looks better, but the original take has to be good. Editing can help remove small flaws and mistakes that you didn’t notice when you took the picture. For example, you can never hope that all the hair will stay neat and pretty all the time, so you can edit them from your computer.

Sometimes, it can enhance the colors that your camera fails to capture. No matter how good our camera is today, they are not good enough to capture things like our eyes do. Even though you’ve set the lighting to shine as best as possible for your baby photography set, it might not look as good in the frames. You also need to limit the use of flash and unnatural lighting in baby photography.

Baby photos are best when they are taken without much artificial touch in it. What’s more important is that parents are there to observe how you work and would definitely like it more if the pictures of the baby come to them with just enough editing.

General Photography

baby photographyYou’ve booked a lifestyle baby photography session? Or perhaps are you still considering it? Don’t worry, because here we’ll help you make the decision and inform you things to expect and to do to make sure it’s all good.

Lifestyle session is done at home. Usually, at the home of the parents and I’d say that this type of pictures tends to mean a lot more than traditional ones (that are done at the studio). Part of it is because the pictures are taken at the place where the baby grows up at. Far in the future, later on, you will understand how the pictures are just going to have a lot more meaning than how it is today.

At home

Because lifestyle session is typically done at your home, that means you will have to do at least a little bit of cleanup before the photographer arrives. Because everything after your delivery is going to be hectic, make sure that the house is clean before your delivery. Ask for your husband’s help with the cleaning during your third trimester.

When you schedule for the day, don’t be shy to ask it to be done at your most comfortable time. Post-delivery can bring a lot of unstable hormones and tire you out. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable enough to have a photography session because, yes, you will be included in the pictures.

Touring the house

Some photographers do this, while others don’t. But if they do, they’d want to make sure that your house has enough natural light for better picture quality. Flash is not a good choice to make for newborn babies because their eyes are still sensitive. is an example of a photographer who wishes to at least know about the layout of your house for lifestyle baby photography. There’s no doubt that this shows your photographer is willing to do more to make sure your pictures will turn out perfect.

The best rooms are those that have window or glass doors that allow light to shine in. Your photographer will be using reflectors at times to prevent shadows from being cast on the baby or you. Photographers usually use the master bedroom, nursery room and living room for the session.

If you want to do outdoor style pictures, that’s also completely fine! As long as it’s not raining or too hot, it’s very doable. Just make sure that your baby is covered enough for the weather.

Be comfortable

Because it’s lifestyle, it’s important that everybody in the pictures looks comfortable. If you are tense about having your pictures taken, don’t worry too much about it. This session is all about family love on the new member of the family. You will also be sitting on the couch you sit on every other day, so chill!

Don’t forget to schedule it when your other children are also available if you have. Everybody that is of direct family members (including your pets!) have to be in the frame. Of course, there’s a need to be careful that your dog is not developing aggressiveness in the presence of the baby.

General Photography

Get the siblings to join in.

baby photoshootThis is something charming and something that can really bring in the best of the best out of the baby photoshoot so far. Siblings are adorable and they can bring in something memorable and sentimental to the photo shoot. Prep your kids the right way. Kids not more than 12 years or older should not be allowed to hold up the baby. This is mainly for safety purposes, of course. Coordinate clothing or outfits and make sure that you make it fun for them as much as possible. Kids tend to respond better if the overall attempt is positive and has good vibes so far.

Prepare to join in too.

Your role as a parent is crucial and highly significant. You happen to know your baby best. As a parent, you know what your baby’s pet peeves are and what he likes and what keeps him distracted and so on and so forth. These are things that you ought to go ahead and keep in mind as much as you possibly can. You don’t have to go overboard with this. Just make sure that you look presentable and decent so far and just take note of the fact that there is a possibility that you will be requested to join your baby in the baby photoshoot one way or the other.

Don’t be overbearing.

It’s nice to be involved and cooperative with what your photographer is trying to do or achieve all throughout the baby photoshoot but it shouldn’t be up to the point wherein you are already breathing down the neck of your professional baby photographer. It doesn’t have to be like that and you can do better than this at the end of the day. Learn how to be helpful and proactive every step of the way but not to the point wherein you are already being a little too overbearing and a little too much. You need to make sure that at the end of the day, you get to respectfully keep your distance so far but that you are still helpful without toeing the line while you are at it. Keep a cool head all throughout the time and you should come through alright.

Control the temperature.

The baby will be naked most of the time during the planned baby photoshoot so it helps to go out of your way to control the temperature at some point or so. Even though it might turn out to be a bit of a stretch so far and even if it might already come off as being a little too fussy, it can help make your baby feel comfortable all throughout the time that you are getting things figured out so far at the end of the day. if the room that you are holding the photo session in happens to have any device and the like that can help control the temperature and make the room warmer and more comfortable for the baby so far.