General Photography

headshot photographySo, people think that headshots are all about taking pictures of the face. It’s not really different from a selfie, especially since we have smartphones with 16 MP front camera. It’s good enough to capture all the features and even the skin tone perfectly.

Is becoming a Chicago headshot photographer that hard?

Not everybody is photogenic

If you go to Google images and type headshots, you’ll see lots of pictures of people posing and expressing just the right face. They look awesome in all of those, and you thought, “If they can do it, I can do it, too.”

That’s the right determination but based on simplified reality. The fact is that when you open this business, you’ll see lots of people come and tell you that standing in front of the camera is the next thing they hate.

This requires you to be able to not just capture headshots, but also guide your clients to show the right expression.

What they should wear

Bring at least two to three different outfits of their favorite colors. Mind that this outfit should be casual/formal, and not party-themed. Plain colors with simple patterns are the best as they don’t distract people’s attention from your face.

They don’t have to buy new clothes, but these outfits do have to look clean, neat, and ironed. Appearing best in your pictures is one of the best ways to appeal to people that haven’t met you.

Choose the location

Depending on the type of headshot or portraits, the session can be done in a studio or outdoor. Typical headshots that are taken in a studio can be seen here: The difference between the two of them is obviously the backdrop. You’ll get more colorful, natural background for your headshot if you shoot outside.

Studio session usually uses plain background but will bring out the characteristic of the subject better. Because the attention of people is brought to the face and the only person in the picture.

Guide them

It’s important that you learn to lead clients to face in a certain way and smile just enough to get a nice headshot. To do this, you will need to talk constantly during the photography, which means it’ll get super awkward if you’ve never met each other. Somehow, suddenly, one guy tells you to look that way, smile like this, and think about things. Yea, you paid for that, but it’s still awkward.

So, before the session, chat a little and talk about basic things, like what do they do, where did they study, and how do they feel about themselves. Simple things like this will help you in bringing the best out of them in terms of expression.

90mm lens

Your shots will be done in a close range where you have to focus on your client and will typically blur the background. There’s should not be even a little blur on your subject’s face, so 90mm and above lenses are the most recommended option you should get.

End with positive experience

One of the reasons that anyone would ever recommend you is that they felt good working with you. It’s part of the business; we prefer to work with people that we like, understands us, and does not annoy us. Although there are people that might be performing better than you as a Chicago headshot photographer, showing enthusiasm and providing better service as a better person will definitely work.

General Photography

headshot photographyHeadshot photography is a more serious and a more professional take on your usual run of the mill ID picture and if this is something that you are planning to have at some point or so, you should seriously be ready enough to bring in the big bucks. If you are in the corporate world or if you are in the entertainment industry, headshots photography will turn out to be a really important aspect of what you do. A powerful and a compelling headshot can be the margin of difference between getting the job and getting shoved to the side. This is why you need to really make your choices based off of the ability of a photographer to really showcase your headshots in all of the possibly ways.

Headshots photography is extremely challenging based off of emotions.

The emotional pull of things in the headshots that you are taking will bring the photo together. Great photographers will always attempt to get the subject to establish that with the camera as much as possible. What this means is that there should be a certain connection between the lens and the subject and that said connection all boils down to the eyes of the subject. You need a photographer who will know how to coach you when it comes to things like this. It’s an upward struggle all of the time but it will always be well worth the effort. Be patient if the photographer gets you to go through the shots again and again. This only means that he is not being mediocre about the job on hand.

Look for someone who knows how to employ hair lights in his shots.

For an amateur or for a total non-photographer, it can be pretty hard to spot something like this. However, if you know the basic underlying concept behind something like this, it is actually easy enough for you to figure out while you are at it. Look for illumination of any kind coming from behind the head of the subject that you are photographing. If you see this halo effect that results to sort of making the head a little more multi-dimensional compared to the rest of the other parts of the headshot, then hair lights are definitely being employed and this is what you should be looking out for at the end of the day when you are looking for a headshots photographer to hire.

Hiring a headshots photographer will not be cheap.

Headshots are actually one of the most expensive kinds of shots to produce in the photography industry and this is what you should prepare for as much as possible.

There is actually this photographer from London who is currently making the rounds in headshots photography. He is employed by the top runners in the industry because of how strong and how effective his headshots usually are. This is something that you can really go ahead and use to your advantage for as long as you know all of the elements for you to play around with.