Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HertfordshireAs a wedding photographer Hertfordshire, you spend a lot of time and effort to capture the images of the special day of a couple. From the pre-wedding shoots, to pictures of the couple on their wedding day, to that of their family and friends celebrating with them, then to the post production stage where you edit the pictures and also create an album that will hold the final output. All these stages require dedication, time and effort.

However, the works of a photographer is one that can easily be stolen by others if care is not taken. Although you might be the one exerting effort to ensure the couple gets the images they deserve, you may find that other individuals who have no idea of the effort put into achieving the final results, steal these photographs for their own benefit. Imagine having someone else enjoying the works of your labor without giving consideration or thought to the fact that the original work was not by their hand.

To avoid any situation that will find you contesting or fighting for your images with someone else, there are certain steps to be taken. These steps are explained below:

Watermark it

A watermark is a very good way to ensure that all images taken by you have your personal signature. These signature can be anything from your business name to a personal quirk you like to have included on your images. Photographers are pretty much like artists who use the avenue of cameras to express themselves. Most artists in a bid to have their personal stamp on images, use distinct methods to Mark their work. Photographers would do well to also adopt this strategy. Note that the watermark does not have to be something bogus or eye catching. It can be minute and still serve the purpose of identifying the image as yours for future purposes.

Lock it

Sometimes watermarking an image might not be enough to protect it from those that require it for their own personal use. They can easily crop out the images to block out your watermark or use one trick or the other to make the image ready for their own nefarious purposes. As a result, if you are going to be uploading images unto your own website, ensure that the site is locked.

When talking about a locked website, we do not mean restricting access of visitors. Locking a website can mean preventing any copy and paste of the contents of the site. Once that feature is locked, it will be difficult for anyone to extract the contents of your site.

Copyright it

By law all images taken by you the wedding photographer Hertfordshire Rafe Abrook Photography are his by right. As a result, anyone that wants to make use of it will have to go through you first and the right to make use of the image will be granted for a limited period. Extended use of the image will be subject to your approval and you can also work out if payment for your work will need to be made.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HertfordshireWorking as a photographer makes you realize how amazing and precious light is. Without it, none of this is possible, people won’t see anything and the world becomes dark. For a photographer, it will decide how hard the day will be.

The reception room is one of the hardest part working as a wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Even if you bring flash and speedlight with you, the issue isn’t solved just like that. There are factors like positioning, dark shadows, black holes and disturbance to the other guests that you need to consider.

Get into the room ASAP

As soon as you’re done with the ceremony and posed pictures, get into the reception room before it gets dark. Position your lighting accordingly.

Now, here no one will be able to tell you where and how you should put your second light at. It wildly depends on how your clients decorated the room and how dark it’s going to be.

Take the chance to know the layout of the room. You should know how and where you should stand to get your shot. Once the room gets dark, it’ll be harder to move around.

There is one principle you can use, and that is to put it diagonally behind the couple. This will help increase background’s brightness and allow light to fill in the image.

Long vs Short shutter

They’re both useful, so the best way is to have two cameras ready. One with long and one with short.

Use 1/20 or 1/25 when your subjects are sitting or relaxing. This allows light to fill in the image equally around. But do note that this does not increase exposure to your images.

Short shutter is good if you need to capture fast movements and moments that only last for a short time, such as people on the dancing floor, laughing grandpa, dark pictures without lights.

Light diffuser

A must have. In dark rooms, flash can be disturbing and even dangerous to some. Use light diffuser is you are close to your subjects. Use it when your second light is far away.

You should take it off if you are positioned far enough that your light diffuser prevents you to light your subject.

Practice a lot

Don’t practice when you’re on the job. When you’re working, make sure that you are using methods that you’ve practiced or familiar with. Don’t compromise quality for a little learning.

Practice a lot at home and in dark places at night. Try achieving images that you like and see what works.

All methods mentioned aren’t the right way to do things, although they work for some people. Find out what works for you!

One of the photographers who has conquered the darkroom is, well, actually there are two. Rafe Abrook Photography is run by a wedding photographer Hertfordshire based who simply loves photography to death. Each of them is a talented wedding photographer Hertfordshire. And you can probably learn a lot by looking at their gallery!

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HertfordshireThe act or art of taking photographs has gotten easier over time thanks to the latest developments in technology which saw the age old bulky camera with smoke evolve to sleek handy gadgets. Nowadays, all you need to get a photograph taken is the latest high tech camera and a bit of knowledge on editing and you are good to go. However, when it comes to weddings, it is advised not to take such a risk by leaving the success of the photographs to just anyone who claims to know how to wield a camera but go for Photography by Adelphos.

Covering a wedding is way more complex than most people realise as the wedding photographer Hertfordshire would often have to work around over 100s of friends and loved ones, be professional at all time, show courtesy and make sure that he not only takes the key shots of the day but he covers the hidden moments as well. As a result of that, it becomes quite clear that a novice is not someone that can be entrusted with this type of responsibility. If still in doubt about the merit of hiring a wedding photographer Hertfordshire, the following reasons should convince you:


Anticipation and a great sense of timing are a major requirement for skilled photographers. Being able to anticipate the next line of events makes it easier for the wedding photographer Hertfordshire to get themselves into the right place at the right time. The novice might not know where to look neither will they know that a certain moment is on the horizon if they do not know how to look out for it.


Experience is beneficial as the photographer will know what to expect from a coverage having dealt with other wedding couples in the past. The photographer will also be able to determine what the couple hopes to see as the final result of their wedding album.

  • Can an amateur of hobbyist photographer guarantee quality when it comes to the final pictures? One standard belief of amateurs is that as long as they click nonstop, there will be 1 picture out of the 20 stills taken of one moment that will turn out right. It really doesn’t work that way as not only are they wasting battery and memory space, the professional photographer can have one shot taken of that moment that is better than the 20 taken by the amateur.
  • Weddings are usually planned around summer and spring periods but when unavoidable, most couples take to studying weather forecasts to choose a suitable date for their wedding. The thing about weather forecasts is that they are not 100% accurate and as such, it is more likely to rain on a wedding as well as it is bound to be sunny on a wedding day. In the case of bad weather, a lot of things from traffic to lack of good light can occur. Even the couples might have wardrobe mishaps and it is all up to the wedding photographer to turn this around in the pictures.
Wedding Photography

Set priorities

Hertfordshire wedding photographerWhen you are looking for someone that you can book as your official wedding photographer for the upcoming wedding, you need to make sure that this is the kind of thing that you are able to approach with analytics in the background. You need to really think long and hard about what your priorities are as a client as well as being a bride and how you will be able to use those to help you pick out the perfect wedding photographer for the job. If this is the kind of thing that you are quite new with and if you don’t really know how to approach things somewhere along the way, all that you technically need to know is the fact that the portfolio always comes in front and center. Given the fact that this is a kind of product wherein service and skills will turn out to be the main precursors, you need to pay attention to how a professional wedding photographer produces his photos in the first place.

Get this taken into account as much as possible and you will see that things will start to more or less work out in your favor at the end of the day. don’t book someone just because he sells himself well. Let his portfolio and previous projects do the selling for him. Check out his preferred photography style and how he executes his shots and try to use this as a way for you to check if he will turn out to be a wedding photographer who will fit in with what you have envisioned for the photography coverage of your wedding at the end of the day.

Look at the way that the package is being priced by your potential wedding photographer.

Just to manage your expectations, the thing about professional photography services is that they will at some point or so, always be steep or a bit on the high end of the price scale. This is because they have professional grade equipment, offer post production, and maintain overheads as well on the back end of things. But then again, the price will always justify the means the moment that you are able to gauge how your photos end up looking like at the end of the day. Check out the details of the package pricing as well. Try to make sure that the service inclusions will have what you are looking and asking for in a photographer from the engagement shoot to the post wedding shoot and so on and so forth. Most of the professional wedding photographers in the Hertfordshire area are actually pretty flexible with the way that they set up their service packages so try to communicate with your wedding photographer about the things that you would like to get out of the coverage and get this taken into account at the end of the day.

Always go with someone who has established a bit of a reputation in what he does.

In order for a wedding photographer to be established in the Hertfordshire area, he needs his coverage to be flawless, his pricing to be competitive, and his clients to always be happy with the end results. All of these things will work out in your favor once your wedding coverage goes through at the end of the day. Check out Hertfordshire wedding photographer Rafe Abrook if you have a need for a great wedding photographer in the area.