WordPress hosting: What And Why do People Pay For It

Wordpress hostingWordPress is a free platform on which people create and share content on sites. It is free and easy to go around if you put a little time into it.

But, sooner or later, you’ll bump into stuff like paid hosting with wordpress support for photographers and the like. You, a photographer, might wonder why and whether you will need that or not.

WordPress hosting

When you first make your website which still goes like yoursite.wordpress.com, your site is hosted by WordPress. Simply put, your WordPress provide you the space and tools and you get to play with them, in return, putting .wordpress on your sites.

So, why pay?

As you may have guessed, paying the extra cent delete the .wordpress from your site. That is the least you get. The catch is more than that.

If your website is up and running and hundreds to thousands of people look at your site every minute, you know that you will need to spend a lot of time just to manage and observe your site, keeping it safe and in order. So, when will do your business if you are too busy just taking care of your site?

This is where paid web hosts come to save the day. These paid hosts can play the role of helping with your site, from running it to taking care of all the technicalities so all you need to do is use it easily to operate your photography business.

When someone’s eye is on your website 24/7, there are a lot of benefits you can get. One of them is zero seconds of downtime. Another is the virus and malware proof they provide with their up to date firewall system especially the giant hosts.

There’s also the full WordPress support for photographers that the web hosts offer 24/7, especially if you use hosts that are featured by WordPress itself, they give better answers when related to your WordPress needs.

On some other cases though, you do not need a web hosting to help with dealing your site, especially if you are a newbie and your site is still a few days to weeks old, because the cost usually does not worth the service. Using managed hosts also mean that you cannot use any plugins you have installed.

To get it or not

We have laid down the reasons to get or not to get managed web hosting for your wordpress. There will be more reasons to consider when it comes to specific web hosts as they offer different features from each other.

However, the most underlying reason is whether you really need it or not; whether your site will still operate well without having to pay managed web hosts to provide WordPress support for photographers like you. The cost spent on web hosts should be compared to the amount you earn from the business that operates smoothly on it. There are also further considerations that you will make once it turns into a bigger company, but that will be another story to tell and listen to.